Carry On (xF9)

Carry On (xF9) stands as the distinguished token bestowed upon the most dedicated patrons of the F9 Space Cult. xF9 opens the doors to a world of exclusive privileges, granting elite membership status, top-tier access to events, one-of-a-kind merchandise, and insider insights. Elevate yourself to the status of a true advocate for the boundless potential of space exploration! With Carry On, our exclusive token, we celebrate the unwavering devotion of our most steadfast supporters, encapsulating the very essence of our cosmic mission. Carry On is meticulously crafted to honor the unwavering dedication and commitment of the most ardent members of the F9 Space Cult.

Contract 0xe921134a1332dbd80572c8983e69dfb84c6789b2
Supply 99
Launch Date 8 April 2023
Deployer f9launch.eth
Pool Uniswap V3 - 1%