Falcon Heavy (wF9)

Falcon Heavy (wF9) emerges as a token with a dual-purpose mission: to curtail the supply of Falcon 9 (F9) tokens and champion charitable endeavors. Your investment in Falcon Heavy (wF9) serves not only to bolster token scarcity but also to drive significant positive social change. Join the crypto revolution today and be a part of something transformative! Falcon Heavy (wF9) isn't merely another token; it's a force for good. Our commitment extends along two distinct paths: first, the reduction of Falcon 9 (F9) token supply to elevate the rarity and desirability of both Falcon Heavy (wF9) and Falcon 9 (F9) tokens, potentially enhancing their long-term value. Second, and equally crucial, is our dedication to charitable causes within the community. Falcon Heavy (wF9) remains steadfast in its pledge to give back.

Contract 0xe64426b0af24ac9723046463a6f65980157672fa
Supply 999,999
Launch Date 3 July 2021
Deployer f9launch-deployer.eth
Pool Uniswap V3 - 0,3%