Semper Fi (sF9)

Semper Fi (sF9) stands as the beacon of loyalty for the illustrious F9 Space Cult, offering holders an array of exclusive benefits, priority access, and direct interactions with the cult through the F9 DAO Agent. With a limited supply of just 999 tokens, sF9 serves as a rare and secure gateway to embark on an exhilarating cosmic odyssey. Enlist in the F9 Space Cult and embrace Semper Fi (sF9), the loyalty token custom-tailored for the esteemed members of this renowned community. Step into the ranks of the chosen few who are granted the privilege of engaging with the F9 DAO Agent, unlocking a universe brimming with unmatched experiences.

Contract 0x63d90588fd3bc174a9be29bdde72b35e3bc14bca
Supply 999
Launch Date 31 January 2023
Deployer f9launch-deployer V1
Pool Uniswap V3 - 1%