Metatron IX (METAIX)

Metatron IX (METAIX) emerges as a transformative force, poised to harness the potential of AI-powered APIs for automated market making. Equipped with advanced algorithms, METAIX elevates liquidity, mitigates risks, and slashes slippage on the F9 Launchpad and Falcon DEX. Firmly rooted in the Ethereum blockchain, this token, with a finite supply, offers a transparent and secure foundation for cultivating innovative capabilities. Welcome to the revolution, where the prowess of AI-driven strategies is unlocked through METAIX! METAIX transcends the conventional definition of a token; it is a pioneering force in the evolving DeFi landscape. Driven by cutting-edge AI algorithms, our platform unleashes unprecedented liquidity and market-making prowess.

Contract 0x1845966510f14e2f66b8b9568d36cc6dba4d6845
Supply 572,222,219
Launch Date 3 June 2023
Deployer f9launch-deployer.eth
Pool Uniswap V3 - 0,01%