F9 Launchpad

The F9 Launchpad is the technical soul of the project. It is based on Ethereum. It is built to launch new web3 projects. It’s smart contracts are CertiK certified. The Launchpad is built by the community and used to support New Projects. Initial DEX offerings (IDO’s) are smart contracts launched through decentralized swaps, like Shibaswap and Uniswap. IDOs can be used for anything from classic tokens to nft’s, to games, movies, music and much more. Please take note that the Launchpad below is just a fragment of the Beta Version that launched Falcon Heavy, made available here for people to unstake their tokens still safely locked in the contract. Soon we will make more previous launches available for unstaking late via our Dapp. DO NOT STAKE YOUR TOKENS (YET) THIS IS JUST FOR UNSTAKING!