F9 on Aragon Voice

Aragon Voice is an integral component of the F9 DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), offering F9 holders a direct say in the governance of decentralized organizations. To participate in decision-making, individuals must hold the native tokens of the specific DAO, which serve as voting power. With Aragon Voice, F9 holders can actively engage in the governance process by submitting proposals related to smart contract alterations, fund allocations, or other critical decisions. These proposals are then subject to a voting process, where token holders cast their votes based on the number of tokens they hold, influencing the final outcome. It's important to stay updated on Aragon's evolving features and consult its documentation and community for the latest information.

DAO9 on Aragon Client

The F9 DAO serves as a versatile platform for enabling itself and facilitating other decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), such as FDX, empowering DAO9 holders to take an active role in governing these entities. Within the Aragon Client interface, DAO9 token holders can actively engage in the management of the F9 Rocket System and new token launches. They can submit proposals, which could range from modifying smart contract parameters to allocating funds or adding new members. Voting on these proposals is a crucial aspect of the governance process. Proposals need to garner a 9% of the total DAO9 supply and a 51% level of support to be accepted, and once approved. The F9 DAO allows token holders to participate directly in the organization's activities.

DAO9 on Aragon Govern

Through Aragon Govern, DAO9 holders gain the ability to engage in dispute resolution on crucial decisions that influence the F9 DAO's operations and policies. These decisions encompass a wide range of matters, such as protocol upgrades, fund allocations, or modifications to governance parameters. By utilizing the Aragon Govern interface, DAO9 holders can scrutinize proposed changes and cast their votes accordingly. The weight of each vote typically corresponds to the number of tokens held by the voter. Once a proposal successfully meets the quorum requirement and surpasses the voting threshold, it can be automatically executed via smart contracts. It empowers token holders to actively partake in shaping the mission statements and future of the F9 Space Cult.