Falcon 9 (F9)

Falcon 9 stands as a symbol of the Web3 revolution, offering you an exclusive passport to the realm of token launches. Originating from the Ethereum blockchain, it epitomizes security and reliability, assuring access to groundbreaking ventures and a tightly-knit community. Similar to SpaceX's illustrious rocket, Falcon 9 propels you towards uncharted frontiers. Our token, paying homage to the renowned rocket, harnesses the formidable capabilities of the Ethereum network. Smart contracts form its backbone, enabling seamless, impregnable transactions. The code underpinning Falcon 9 is not only robust but resolute, providing unwavering dependability with every launch. Embark on an expedition into the future of token releases with Falcon 9.

Contract 0x38a94e92a19e970c144ded0b2dd47278ca11cc1f
Supply 999,999,999
Launch Date 7 July 2021
Deployer Falcon 9: Deployer
Pool Uniswap V2 - 0,3%