F9 Devs (DEV9)

F9 Devs (DEV9) presents an innovative token designed to reward holders with reflections on each trade, alongside thrilling airdrops of launch tokens, shaping an engaging DeFi experience. DEV9 introduces a dynamic avenue for passive income generation, where reflections compound organically over time. Join the F9 Devs community and immerse yourself in the realm of DeFi, where continuous reflections and exhilarating airdrops await you. At the core of the F9 Space Cult philosophy lies a commitment to reward our dedicated community. DEV9 seamlessly offers automatic reflections to its holders, fostering a virtuous cycle where your token balance grows effortlessly with each transaction. It's akin to receiving passive income merely by being an integral part of our remarkable community.

Contract 0x75151153cfb0f3dafeb83189cf677192b00b1575
Supply 99,999,999
Launch Date 17 March 2023
Deployer f9launch.eth
Pool Uniswap V2 - 0,3%