F9 dDAO9 (dDAO9)

F9 dDAO9 (dDAO9) emerges as a token poised to reward future participants of the F9 DAO. Laden with locked-in value and exclusive benefits, it serves as a dynamic force, empowering the community and spurring active engagement. dDAO9 unfolds a world of growth potential within the decentralized ecosystem. Join the F9 DAO, earn rewarding dDAO9 tokens, and be a driving force in shaping the future of DeFi! Designed with precision, dDAO9 stands as a token dedicated to acknowledging and rewarding the unwavering commitment of F9 DAO participants. Nestled within the F9 ecosystem, this token not only empowers community members but also ignites incentives for robust engagement, fostering a sense of true ownership within the DAO.

Contract 0x6e4763bD1022fEf783BDf6D5F5Ef367d481ba45F
Supply 9,999,999,999
Launch Date 24 September 2023
Deployer f9launch-deployer V1
Pool TBA