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F9 Launch Site

The Future of Decentralization

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Falcon 9 - The Future of Decentralization

Falcon 9 is a community project built on the Ethereum blockchain. The F9 Launch Site is the hub for the F9 community. The F9 community supports three pillars: F9 Token, F9 DAO, and the F9 Launchdapp + Reward Tokens.

All run on smart contracts.

F9 Token (F9): 0x38a94e92a19e970c144ded0b2dd47278ca11cc1f

F9 DAO (DAO9): 0xdd0ef0b2de3efec847a79b4ce4de52c4bb98f488

F9 LaunchDapp: 0xf9600CD74fd5826202471256bCFB9cB77C82d188

F9 Devs (DEV9): 0x75151153cfb0f3dafeb83189cf677192b00b1575 (Reward Token)

F9 Token

The F9 Token is made to participate in new project launches. It is built for new web3 IDO capabilties. The token supports community launched projects.


The F9 DAO is the social heart of the the project. It is based on Aragon applications. It is built to govern the F9 community and their launch capabilities.

F9 Launchdapp

The F9 Launchdapp is the technical soul of the project. It is based on Ethereum. It is built to launch new web3 projects. It's smart contracts are CertiK certified.

F9 Token - Based on the Ethereum Blockchain

The F9 token is based on ERC20 to participate in projects on the blockchain.

F9 was launched without presale, no tax and no dev tokens. It has become a governance and utility token for the DAO and Launchdapp.

The token serves to build and support new projects in the web3 space.

Deployment: 3 July 2021
Contract: 0x38a94e92a19e970c144ded0b2dd47278ca11cc1f
Aragon Voice: falcon 9


F9 DAO - Decentralized Governance of the Future

The F9 DAO builds on the Community and is used to govern the Launchdapp.

The F9 community is a decentralised autonomous organisation. For decision-making we trust in Aragon Voice. A Swiss based association that believes, like us, "that the fate of humanity will be decided at the frontier of technological innovation."

Together we empower individual freedom by creating cutting edge tools that leverage decentralized communities.

Deployment: 28 January 2023
Contract: 0xdd0ef0b2de3efec847a79b4ce4de52c4bb98f488
Aragon Client: f9dao


F9 Launchdapp - Web3 Launch Capabilities

The Launchdapp is built by the community and used to support New Projects.

Initial DEX offerings (IDO's) are smart contracts launched through decentralized swaps, like Shibaswap and Uniswap. IDOs can be used for anything from classic tokens to nft's, to games, movies, music and much more.

The first F9 Launchdapp is released in beta version. For the best experience we recommend using a laptop on a trusted network with Firefox browser and Metamask add-on to connect. Preferably also a Hardware wallet connected for safety.

Deployment: 31 January 2023
Contract: 0xf9600CD74fd5826202471256bCFB9cB77C82d188
Certik Audit: falcon-9

Reward Token: F9 Devs
Deployment: 17 March 2023
Contract: 0x75151153cfb0f3dafeb83189cf677192b00b1575
Certik Audit: DEV9


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Submit Your Own Launch Proposal

If you are interested in launching your project on our platform please submit your launch proposal by filling out the application form. Our onboarding team will contact you soon to discuss all the possibilities of the F9 launch capabilities.

Submit Launch Proposal

The F9 mission is to expand the launch project with genuine people, with viable startup projects, that are transparent about their tokenomics and timelines. We work only with projects that stay true to the aim of forwarding the space because blockchain is beautiful. For this reason we will always commit everything to the blockchain, for all eyes to see. And we want to assure everyone that every single token will be accounted for, and every single holder will be able to submit their own launch proposals and partner applications. We are F9. We are inevitable!

Smart Contracts:

F9 Token (F9): 0x38a94e92a19e970c144ded0b2dd47278ca11cc1f

F9 DAO (DAO9): 0xdd0ef0b2de3efec847a79b4ce4de52c4bb98f488

F9 LaunchDapp: 0xf9600CD74fd5826202471256bCFB9cB77C82d188

F9 Devs (DEV9): 0x75151153cfb0f3dafeb83189cf677192b00b1575 (Reward Token)

Disclaimer: The information provided on the F9 Launch Site is for general informational purposes only. All information on this website is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the F9 Launch Site. Under no circumstance shall we have any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the F9 Launch Site or reliance on any information provided on the website. Your use of the F9 Launch Site and your reliance on any information on the website is solely at your own risk.